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Anita Professional Photo 2Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is a cross-cultural expert, writer, keynote speaker and facilitator with expertise in workplace diversity and inclusion. Through Jack-Davies Consulting, created in 2012, she provides inclusive curriculum development and strategic planning support to organizations in Canada, the United States and across the globe. With a passion for inclusion, Anita seeks to work collaboratively with employees tasked with preparing employees to work effectively across cultures.

Dr. Jack-Davies earned a doctoral degree in Education with a concentration in the area of Cultural & Policy Studies. Her dissertation examined Teacher Candidates beliefs of teaching in urban and inner city schools through the lens of race, gender and geography. She is a certified classroom teacher with experience at the junior-high school level (Grades 3-11) and remains a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.

In addition to serving as a classroom teacher, she has held roles as a Human Rights Advisor, Curriculum Developer, University Professor and Educational Developer. Dr. Jack-Davies also provides a host of services to private and public sector professionals including diversity training, expert advice on issues of race to the legal profession and strategic diversity and equity planning for leaders and stakeholders.

Dr. Jack-Davies is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Queen’s University and the author of  Lawrencia’s Last Parang: A Memoir on Loss and Belonging as Black in Canada (under review).


Working with Educators

Jack-Davies Consulting works with universities and colleges, school districts and organizations in Canada, the United States and internationally to:

  • design inclusive and equity based curriculum for urban teachers working with diverse student populations
  • provide professional development opportunities for teachers, school leaders, school administrators, Teacher Educators, Teacher Candidates and other working professionals
  • work collaboratively with teachers seeking to develop equity based and culturally relevant pedagogy that places students at the centre of teaching and learning.

Dr. Jack-Davies approaches professional development for educators using a student centred approach to teaching & learning that:

  1. based on relevant theory derived from the education research literature that keeps practice in mind
  2. best practices used in urban districts globally
  3. treats urban educators, students and parents with respect and as partners in education


About Dr. Jack-Davies

What does it mean to create an inclusive workplace? An inclusive workplace goes beyond racial diversity. It engages talented staff who bring different perspectives, skills and experiences into a workplace that values ingenuity. An inclusive workplace is about leadership. It’s about ensuring that inclusion is valued in all facets of the organization and at various levels of management.

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is a writer and consultant with expertise in cross-cultural issues. Through Jack-Davies Consulting, she provides support to professionals using an inclusive and equity-based perspective. Dr. Jack-Davies works with school districts, law enforcement agencies, government agencies, law firms and not-for-profit organizations interested in preparing their employees to meet the demands of increasingly diverse world.



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The Cross Cultural Mosaic website is under construction.

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The Cross Cultural Mosaic website is under construction.

Feel free to browse the site as usual, but please note that we are in the process of updating content.