Managing Change for Authentic Inclusion

by Anita Jack-Davies – April 2019

People do not like change! In the workplace, change can create a tremendous amount of anxiety. Yet, change is something that we must manage when working to make workplaces more inclusive. According to Kreitz...

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Becoming Conscious of Unconscious Bias

by Anita Jack-Davies – January 2019

Unconscious bias is a cancern for all leaders seeking to develop an inclusive workforce (Whelan, 2013). According to Whelan, writing of unconscious bias relating to gender diversity in the workplace, there are...

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Diversity vs. Inclusion: What’s the Difference

by Anita Jack-Davies – December 2018

Employees are often confused between the terms “diversity” and “inclusion”. What is the difference? Diversity is merely the ability to count differences amongst staff within an organization. When an...

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Inclusive & Effective Teams

Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions will customize staff training on a variety of topics to develop the cross-cultural competencies of teams.  (more…)

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