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Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is a cross-cultural expert who assists organizations in meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse workforce. She provides advisory support and  strategic planning solutions in the area of workplace diversity and inclusion in Canada, the United States and globally. Dr. Jack-Davies specializes in curriculum development and design. She recently launched Badges2Bridges, an online cross-cultural training program for law enforcement professionals.

Services offered include training, leadership development and diagnostic testing using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI Qualified Administrator).

Dr. Jack-Davies earned her doctorate in Education, with a concentration in Cultural & Policy Studies from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario Canada. She is a former Human Rights Advisor and Educational Developer. As a professor, Dr. Jack-Davies has taught in the Department of Gender Studies, Cultural Geography and the Faculty of Education at Queen’s. She is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography.

Recent Seminars

Race-ing the Bar: Confronting Issues of Racism & Islamophobia in Canadian Education

Ministry of Education, Ottawa

May 2017