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Are Canadians Ready to Talk about Black Lives Matter?

How “Politeness” Gets in the Way of Honest Dialogue about Race By Dr. Anita Jack-Davies Last week I met my friend Naomi for a breakfast meeting on writing. Towards the end of my stay as we headed towards the door, we meandered onto the topic of the Black Lives Matter[…]

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When Diversity is the Elephant in the Board/Room

By Dr. Anita Jack-Davies (President & CEO Jack-Davies Consulting/ I have been in situations in the corporate boardroom where the issue of diversity is raised, either by myself or a colleague, only to be met with a deafening silence. Given that I live in a province and country that is known for its[…]

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Why the Resistance to Diversity Training?

  I had lunch with a colleague last week and during our appetizers we struck up a conversation about diversity training when he shared that such training typically makes people feel “badly” about themselves and was the reason why it is resisted by so many. Crickets! I had to pause for a second to[…]

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