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The Cross-Cultural Institute (TCI)
Global Curricular Solutions

The Cross-Cultural Institute creates curricular products for the marketplace. We specialize in designing online and blended courses, training programs, retreats and other products including e-books and white papers, all with an emphasis on culture, diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice related topics.

We provide cross-cultural curricular solutions for the global marketplace. Whether you require a customized training program on inclusion for your staff, an annual diversity retreat, an e-book or an online course.


What We Offer

  • online cross-cultural¬†training for law enforcement professionals
  • online courses in the field of cross-cultural competency and human rights that can be customized to suit the needs of your organization using your organization’s logo, branding and colour-scheme
  • blended courses (in-class training & online component)
  • training programs (diversity, equity, inclusion, cross-cultural competencies)
  • retreats, conferences and summer institutes
  • written products: white papers, e-books, research papers, blog posts


Badges2Bridges (Cross Cultural LEEP)

Law Enforcement Education Program

(online – please access the course on the course page)

Access the Badges2Bridges online training program here


Race & Racism: Human Rights Training (Canada & the U.S.)

(online – please access the course on the course page)


IDI (Intercultural Development Inventory)

Cultural Competency Assessment & Evaluation

In-Class Training


The Nile River Collective

A Career Planning & Mentorship Retreat for Black Professional Women

4 Seminars & one annual retreat – 2017 date & location coming soon!




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