Do you believe that police officers require specific training on working with minority communities? Could their existing cross-cultural education and training be improved? If yes, Badges2Bridges, a new cross-cultural training program specifically designed for the law enforcement sector is the solution for your organization.



How Police Officers can Work Effectively with Minority Communities through Online Learning

Badges2Bridges, is the most comprehensive law enforcement education program (LEEP) specifically designed for police officers and other law enforcement personnel. The program prepares staff to work effectively with minority communities, cultural groups and under-represented groups.


Badges2Bridges is a cross-cultural LEEP that is unique in its approach and delivery platform. Learning consists of a self-directed online course that was created with input from police officers around the globe, allowing your officers to be effectively trained in a timely manner. The program’s creator, Dr. Anita Jack-Davies, is a cross-cultural expert and founder of The Cross-Cultural Institute, an agency that develops cross-cultural education and training products including online courses, white papers and in-class training programs. She is an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Cultural Geography at Canada’s prestigious Queen’s University and has done consulting work for the Durham Regional Police.


  • Module 1 orients learners to the program and provides background knowledge on how to successfully navigate the course.
  • Module 2 discusses the personal aspects of policing and the emotional nature of police work.
  • Module 3 introduces officers to aspects of culture, including topics such as the importance of body language, stereotyping and unconscious bias.
  • Module 4 provides students with demographic data on various groups.
  • Module 5 takes a look at community profiles for various ethnic and cultural communities.
  • Module 6 provides strategies for law enforcement professionals seeking to create more inclusive services.

Badges2Bridges offers support using a Facebook group and access to online resources to augment staff learning. It is equipped to track student progress and to generate assessment scores. Users will receive a certificate of completion.


Benefits of the Program

Staff will gain confidence when serving high immigrant populations and under-represented groups.Officers will be better prepared to de-escalate tense interactions based on cultural misunderstandings or miscues.

Learners will gain increased confidence in speaking to diverse audiences and will effectively navigate home visits, traffic stops, highway stops and other face to face interactions.

Badges2Bridges is an investment in the professional development of your staff and is an invaluable training program for all education departments. The program costs between $15.99 and $99.99 per user per year, depending on the size of your organization.


Program Features


  • Free 1 hour consultation ($199.99 value)
  • Online course accessed via the web (Google Chrome), smart phone or I pad, at a time that is convenient for users
  • Dropbox folder of resources
  • Facebook support group

Additional Services


  • Executive coaching online for leaders and staff responsible for diversity, equity and inclusion (additional cost)
  • Leadership Mastermind Group online for senior professionals interested in learning from their peers (additional cost)

Badges2Bridges is the most comprehensive cross-cultural LEEP that provides law enforcement professionals with the tools to work sensitively in cross-cultural contexts.

Badges2Bridges is geared towards any law enforcement professional wishing to work effectively with minority communities. It is for officers who are committed to serving all members of the community with sensitivity and respect. Badges2Bridges is for professionals who seek to build bridges with under-represented communities and to respond to their needs in a manner that preserves their dignity and respects their rights as citizens.


Annual Cost per User

(Unlimited Access to Course)

Size of Organization
$15.99 5,000 +
$39.99 3,001 – 5,000
$69.99 1,001 – 3,000
$99.99 0 – 1,000

*Prices are in US dollars, except for Canadian clients who pay in Canadian dollars. License for Online Course – 3 Year License is Recommended


Multi Year License Contracts & Discounts Cost
Year 1 Price as listed above
Year 2 20% off
Year 3 40% off



In addition to the services below, content can be modified or specifically created to meet the needs of your organization.


In-Class Training Program


  • $2,500.00 for 1/2 day workshop.
  • Session includes cultural assessment of staff using the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI)
  • Includes 5 free 1 hour telephone coaching sessions ($1,000.00 value)
  • Content can be customized for your organization.

Executive Coaching


  • $199.99/hr or $799.99 for 5 one hour sessions
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Access to Dropbox Folder

Leaders Mastermind Group Online


  • $2,997.00 includes 12 monthly sessions x $249.75 per session
  • Clients interested in consulting beyond the online course and in-class training can join our Leaders Mastermind group
  • Access to Private Facebook group
  • Access to Dropbox folder



Organizations wishing to review a free trial of the curriculum, for pricing inquiries or to obtain a license, contact Dr. Anita Jack-Davies at 1-613-453-9534 or visit the Badges2Bridges Course Page.