Seminars for Urban Youth

Interventions for Youth

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is a motivational speaker to urban youth in priority communities. With passion, enthusiasm and genuine warmth, she inspires youth using her own experience as the basis for moving from a former Ward of the State to earning a PhD. She is an example of who urban youth can become through hard work, and undying belief in oneself and connections to caring adults. Dr. Jack-Davies provides small group workshops to urban classrooms on several topics including effective goal setting, achieving through your obstacles and the importance of organization and planning. She is available to deliver keynote speeches and seminars during Black History Month and at other times throughout the year. She has created the following conflict resolution and wellness programs for youth.

Youth Seminar Topics

1. Transcending the “At-Risk” Label
2. SavingFACE: Conflict Resolution for Teens (Girls 9-18)
3. SavingFACE: Conflict Resolution for Teens (Boys 9-18)
4. What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Goal Setting & Future Planning for Urban Youth
5. Healing through Traditional West African Dance – A Wellness Program