Tools for Educators

Change Agents in Urban Classrooms

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is passionate about education! As a former teacher in Toronto’s Jane-Finch community, she has witnessed first-hand the power of education to change the lives of both students and professionals alike. She is now called to serve in the field of education as part of her life’s mission. She is an educator with extensive experience in urban schooling. A graduate of the doctoral program in Education at Queen’s University in 2011, he has worked as a Human Rights Advisor, an Educational Developer and an Adjunct Assistant Professor, all at the university level. Read more about the following professional development sessions that Dr. Jack-Davies has created.

  • Fundamentals of Urban Teaching
  • “Not Me in the Inner City”: Confronting Ourselves about Urban Schools
  • Gender & the Urban School
  •  Race & the Urban School
  •  “If It’s Urban, It Must Be Bad: Effective Classroom Management for Urban Schools
  •  Diversity Training for Teacher Educators & Professors
  •  Equity & Diversity Scorecard
  •  Equity Audit
  •  TC Diversity Aptitude