Curriculum Design

Curriculum Development & Design

Jack-Davies Consulting develops and designs cross-cultural curriculum products that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization.

We will develop your curriculum ideas from concept to course completion and will include lessons, modules and units, all using the best practices in the area of universal design for learning (UDL). In this way, we ensure that the curriculum meets the varying needs of diverse learners with different learning styles. Content is delivered in print or online formats and include:

  • Training Sessions (small & large groups)
  • Online Courses
  • Hybrid/blended courses (a combination of in-class & online)
  • University courses: major & minor programs
  • Modules, seminars, lessons & units
  • Retreats
  • Academic Conferences

Content will be developed using a collaborative, team-based approach that is integrative in nature, keeping current standards in the field of diversity management. We ensure that curriculum projects incorporate evidence-based examples, problem solving strategies, authentic and realistic examples and opportunities for learners to demonstrate their learning using authentic assessment strategies.  A few sectors that we focus on include university Student Affairs departments and law enforcement organizations.

Curriculum Review

Jack-Davies Consulting will review curriculum that you have already designed. We will analyze your curriculum for best principles in adult learning:

– clearly stated learning objectives and outcomes

– effective assessment strategies

–  inclusivity

– appeal to diverse learners


Workplace Training

  • From Diversity to Inclusion in the Workplace
  • An Introduction to the Ontario Human Rights Code
  • Race & Racism

Training for Educators

  • Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP)
  • Effective Classroom Management Strategies for Urban Schools
  • Teaching at the Urban School
  • Youth with Purpose Canada: A Life-Skills & Wellness Program for Urban Youth
  • Na Marimba: Forging Identity through the Movement of Traditional West African Dance (Grades 6-12)



Na Marimba: Forging Identity Through the Movement of Traditional West African Dance © 

Ankh web

Na Marimba is a traditional West African dance workshop for elementary and high school students. Satisfying strands of each province’s education curriculum, the workshop introduces students to basic principles of the dance form.
The program is designed for students interested in making a connection between dance, identity, culture and difference.
Built on the philosophy that students will learn about difference by being incubated in safe experiences that take them out of their comfort zones, Na Marimba fosters learning through the basic movements of one traditional West African dance, such that students can perform for their peers at the end of two workshop sessions. The program enables students to learn basic movements of traditional West African dance by isolating upper and lower body movements, breathing consciously and by paying attention to moving the body in new and meaningful ways. The program asks students to think about their identities and the identity of others with respect to difference.


Youth With Purpose Canada (YWP Canada) ©

A Life-Skills & Wellness Program that merges dance & career development for students


Youth With Purpose Canada (YwPC) is a life skills and wellness program designed for marginalized youth. The program is built on the philosophy that urban and low-income youth must be explicitly taught life skills that will lead to their success. This two day dance and wellness workshop enables youth to systematically plan towards their futures through activities that focus on goal setting, the development of effective habits and wellness in the achievement of a sound mind and a happy heart. The program asks youth to think about their gifts, their passions and their dreams and provides them with concrete strategies for translating their dreams into achievable goals that require a singular vision and ongoing discipline. In consultation with classroom teachers and youth workers, this two day program can be tailored to meet the needs of each student group.