We believe that employees often resist equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) initiatives because they represent change, both personal and institutional and people do not like change! With this in mind, our firm works with leaders to develop the cross-cultural competency of staff on a variety of EDI topics, including workplace diversity, sexual harassment, gender-based equity, bullying, harassment and discrimination, unconscious bias, anti-black racism and more! Our expertise lies in developing and designing custom-made EDI curriculum materials. Let us help you design your training and development offerings including: online courses, in-class sessions, webinars, training manuals, Train-the-Trainer manuals, programs for EDI staff retreats and more. We also create reports, white papers, speeches and EDI content that can be used for a variety of audiences. Inquire today.

Develop Cultural Competencies

  • Training for staff on Diversity in the Workplace
  • Develop staff knowledge of sexual harassment, bullying and harassment in the workplace.
  • Provide Leaders with the tools to manage change while achieving EDI goals.

Advisory Support for Leaders

  • EDI Training Development for Leaders.
  • Coaching for Managers and Administrators.
  • Support Developing Strategic Plans.

Curriculum Development

  • Design customized, in-house, EDI Training Materials for staff.
  • Develop webinars, online Courses and training Programs.
  • Create reports and executive summaries to communicate EDI progress.
  • Produce EDI Train-the-Trainer materials that can be used across teams and departments.

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