At Mosaic Cross-Cultural Solutions, we offer four strategic pillars aimed at driving culture change: Strategic Planning, Leadership Development, Change Management and Education & Training.

Cultural Competence

  • We provide EDI advisory support to leaders responsible for managing inclusion
  • We offer education and training support on a range of topics, including gender-based equity (GBE+) and sexual harassment, in a supportive and engaging environment
  • We support leaders to develop EDI curriculum materials such as training programs, online courses, blended courses, webinars and more!

Leadership Development

  • We provide support to leaders responsible for EDI.
  • We work with leaders to develop EDI strategic plans aimed at driving inclusion and belonging in the workplace.
  • We support leaders with existing EDI initiatives and will help them develop strategies to initiative and implement new projects.

Workplace Investigations

  • We specialize in workplace investigations that involve race and race-related grounds.
  • We use an anti-oppression and anti-racist lens to fact-finding exercises that places race “on the table”.
  • We work with teams who have become “stuck” after a human rights complain is filed and provide tools and strategies to ensure increased productivity.
  • We work with leaders to effectively address issues of race and racism in the workplace.

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