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Are you currently working in a day job that is unfulfilling? Are you looking to make a career change but afraid to make the leap into entrepreneurship? Have you always dreamed of starting your own business? BOSS Executive Coaching is a program tailor-made for working professionals searching for answers to thoughts of a career change or are looking to take an existing small business to the next level. The program consists of three levels: Business Starter, Business Fundamentals and Business Accelerator, each offering a unique curriculum to suit the various stages along your path to success.

Dr. Anita Jack-Davies works with individuals looking to transition out of the workplace, looking to start a part-time opportunity to supplement their income, or looking to kick-start a new business idea. Dr. Jack-Davies also works with new graduates from undergraduate and graduate programs seeking career direction and advice. Her coaching philosophy is based on realistic goal-setting, strategic planning, career development, guided support and mentorship.


Dr. Anita Jack-Davies is an academic and cross-cultural expert. She specializes in examining issues of equity, diversity and inclusion as they impact the changing workplace. In 2012 Dr. Jack-Davies started her consultancy practice, Jack-Davies Consulting and has since worked with clients including the Limestone District School Board, the Durham Regional Police, the Durham Community Action Group, HR Proactive and the Kingston Employment Youth Service. Partners include John Curtis, LLB. She is currently a member on the Kingston Workforce Development & InMigration Strategy Consulting Team. Dr. Jack-Davies is currently Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Geography at Queen’s University and founder of The Cross-Cultural Institute, an agency that specializes in the development and delivery of curriculum materials such as online and blended courses, training programs, white papers and retreats. Dr. Jack-Davies is a Qualified Administrator of the Intercultural Development Inventory (idiinventory.com), an instrument designed to assess the cultural competency of employees. A certified Mediator, she also works with organizations by conducting human rights investigations, facilitations and conflict resolution training aimed at reestablishing effective practices in the workplace. She recently launched the Institute’s flagship program, Badges 2 Bridges (www.badges2bridges.com) an online, cross-cultural training module for law enforcement professionals seeking to work effectively with minority communities. Media appearances in include the CTV National News. Dr. Jack-Davies lives with her family in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. More information about her consulting practice, which services South-Eastern Ontario, can be found online at www.crossculturalmosaic.com.


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